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The Foodie Column July 2018

Get out that red, white and blue and have fun with your holiday food!

This is the time of year for fresh berries and peaches hit the market soon after that. With some lemon juice and zest, some sugar, whip cream and some party dishes, you can turn the most Vanilla of cakes or cookies into splendid holiday desserts with very little help from more than seasonal fruits and some good ice cream or mounds of whip cream.

A winner for the 4th of July is a white cake baked in a 9X13 pan. Make it fresh and top with vanilla pudding and then a layer of whipped cream. Lay out blueberries in the right hand corner in a square. Then cut large strawberries or raspberries (left whole) to put down in flag like lines to form an American flag. It is easy and sure to please a crowd. I have a friend that cuts the cake and freezes the squares. She frosts each one separately and decorates it in a modified flag for individual servings. They are cute and the frozen cake keeps cold for several hours

Use your favorite cookie recipe and put two together around vanilla ice cream. Roll in red, white and blue sprinkles and refreeze to pull out for the kids- of all ages.

I have a great recipe for adult punch that hits the red mark and the taste mark for a libation that satisfies most anyone. Get the 64 oz. Ocean Spray Cranberry juice, a 2 liter bottle of soda for not so sweet or 7-up for sweeter punch, a 1/5th of 80 proof vodka and 1 cup of Triple Sec and then add a small 6 oz. can of frozen OJ made up according to directions. In a big bowl add the juices, the Triple Sec, the vodka and stir well. Top with the bottle of soda/pop. Float some lime slices and a large chunk of ice to keep it cold and ladle it out into punch cups. Warning! This does not seem strong, but be aware that it is the same as a strong cocktail. This Punch has Punch!  If you eliminate the liquor, the base of juices and soda makes a great everyone drink, too.

Experiment with the colors and enjoy July! Lemon is a good way to make the berries stay intact and tasty. Get ready for blueberries and lemon dessert or peach and blueberries. Don’t forget peaches and raspberries for a Peach Melba dessert. It is almost time to get the tastiest ripe fruit of the year and nothing beats that! Have fun and stay safe. Bon Appetit!

By T. Myers

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