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The Seniority Report for July 2018

Can you believe the wonderful energy at our Senior Activity Center? There is more change in the wind and it means there will be more to do and more to benefit from. Everyone on the board is excited and ready to embark on a better future. A big thank you to the Sustainable City Year Program and the young people from University of Oregon for their thoughts and ideas about how we can grow stronger!

So, in case you did not know what happened over the Rhubarb Festival Weekend, we sold a truckload of pies! We raised dollars (oodles) and we all need to thank the Granny Pie makers for everything they did to get together 900 pies+++. The event, moved from the L&S Gardens site from prior years, was a test run for the Sr. Center and by all accounts, it was a busy, (even though) blustery day that saw a wonderful turnout. Congratulations to all of the Seniors that volunteered and made this a special event for the center!

After the High Desert Car Show on June 30th, Frontier Days opens with a bang on July first with Church in the Park at 9 am Sunday morning. The free event goes through July 4th and every day there are musical groups, karaoke or old-fashioned events that have been going on since 1976 when Frontier Days became a “thing”. The Frontier Days calendar is filled with everything from the big parade on the 4th to the High Lakes Pig Squeal on the 1st. There are vendors, kids games, special contests, fun run, lawn mower races and food! Don’t be shy, drop on by and see what is happening at Frontier Heritage Park. Look at the Wonderful Quilt Show where lots of Seniors support that part of the event with beautiful handmade quilts! Parade is at 10:30 on July 4th. Woodcutter’s breakfast starts at 7 am and the fireworks close the event at 10 PM.

If you did not get to the weed pull and Shine on La Pine Days from June 23-24th, be sure you pull the knapweed and dispose of it in a plastic garbage bag complete with roots. The Chamber visitor center has leaflets that describe the noxious, poisonous and invasive plants we are trying to clear out of our area. Stop by and pick one up. Don’t forget the fence lines!

Have a safe holiday and enjoy being with friends and family!

By T. Myers

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