Carol Brewer

Carol Brewer has lived in La Pine since 1970, coming here from the Fall Creek area near Springfield to run the old general store on Hwy. 97 (called the La Pine HiWay Center). Her family purchased the store in 1946 but her whole family moved here in 1970.
“We had three children, and my husband was in the logging business,” says Carol. “He lasted just one year here full-time, choosing to spend weekends here and work over in the valley during the week. I stayed here with the kids and ran the store. At that time, my two oldest children had to travel to Bend for high school (three hours each day on the bus), while my fourth grader got to go to school here.”
I asked Carol if things have changed much in La Pine since then, and she replied, “That’s putting it mildly! When my husband’s family first came here in 1946, one of them had the job of counting the cars on the Dalles-California Highway each day. One day a total of 58 cars went by…and 38 customers came in the store. There wasn’t any electricity in town in 1946…and no telephones, police or fire department. La Pine was just a spot in the road.”
“Years ago we had a binder full of names of people who came here to vacation during the summers. But many streets weren’t paved yet and didn’t even have names. I lived in the back of the store for ten years.”
In 1997 Carol retired from the Hiway Center, and about five years after that, Homestead Quilts began renting her building. Carol still owns the Chamber of Commerce building next door, too.
“I moved to my current home on an acre and a half in La Pine in 1980,” says Carol, “and paid $12,000 for it, so I guess things have changed quite a bit since then.”
Carol stays busy helping out at the Center making Granny Pies and “helping wherever there’s a little job to be done.“

She decorates the tables at the Center for events and says “People really enjoy sitting down to lunch here, and it’s nice to have the tables decorated attractively. I come to lunch here at least twice a week.”
“There are a lot of places in town that really need help. We have a very unique little city, and we don’t always agree with everyone, but if somebody needs help, by gosh, they’re going to get it.”
“The people of La Pine are caring people, and when I ran the store, we would get the same people each summer coming up to vacation. And they would always say, ‘we love coming here because you’re real: friendly, honest, helpful…and that’s the best compliment you can receive.”

Director’s Corner January 2023

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope this new year will be one filled with fun and informative activities and events at the La Pine Activity Center, for everyone in our community!
First off, I would like to thank St. Charles for their very generous donation of $5,000 to our Center, which makes them a legacy donor! We are excited to build this lasting relationship with St. Charles to help our seniors!
I’m in the process of getting plaques made for each person (we had 65 sponsors!) who paid $50 each to sponsor a bumper for our newly-paved parking lot. That’s 65 inductees into our Bumper Hall of Fame!
We are already getting calls from prospective vendors for our 2023 Rhubarb Festival, to be held June 17 and 18. This two-day event is sure to be a fantastic time for our community!
We are starting up our 2023 campaign to get local businesses to advertise in this newsletter, as sponsors for the Activity Center. Please, if you know of any business that would like to be featured here, let us know and we’ll reach out to them.
I’m having a box made to be placed on our front counter, for suggestions on what benefits we can offer people who become members of our La Pine Activity Center. I would like to find out why they come in, and what they would like to see that they have not seen offered here. Right now, Center members get a warm building in the winter, AC in the summer, internet access, a chance to socialize, do crafts and games, eat lunch, play bingo, attend parties and dances, find out about health and senior resources, and get discounts on classes we offer. But I’m trying to figure out more benefits we can offer (10% off room rentals for members, for example).
So please stop by or call the Activity Center and let us know what YOU would like to see happen here; we are open for the WHOLE community, not just seniors! And HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Lori Scott

 Lori has been a volunteer at the Activity Center since meeting Jamie at the 2021 Quilt Show.  
“I started out working the front desk one day a week, and then started helping with special events,” said Lori. “The Rhubarb Festival was my first big event, and I was the volunteer coordinator, which was a real challenge since we had just moved to La Pine and I didn’t know anyone. But it was a great chance to meet people in this community!”
Lori and her husband Jerry moved here in April of 2021 from the Rogue Valley.  
“We’ve had friends with property here and we came to visit them during the summers, and my husband said he wanted to retire here.  So when it came time to retire, we sold everything, bought a fifth wheel, and then Covid hit. I had wanted to retire to the coast, but we realized we couldn’t leave the fifth wheel there permanently because of the harsh weather. So we wound up moving here and are currently waiting on permits to get a house started.”
In her “before life”, Lori spent 15 years doing child care and then was director of a preschool when her kids were in high school.  “I did that for eight years but missed having my business at home, so I opened a daycare in my home and did that until we moved here.  It took me four years to retire because my families wanted me to finish taking care of their children,” said Lori.
“My husband, Jerry, was a mill-worker with Boise Cascade and retired after working in the mills for 30 plus years.”
So what does Lori like best about volunteering?  
“The other volunteers!  Everybody is so wonderful here… these people are amazing, willing and it’s helped me get into this community and get to know people,” Lori replied.
Recently Lori took a job cleaning the kitchen and restrooms at the Activity Center a couple days a week .
“I don’t like to clean, but those women in the kitchen work so hard and do such a great job, I feel rewarded helping them out,” said Lori.
Lori’s husband Jerry is always volunteering at the Center as well; he was up on the roof putting on Christmas lights recently!
“Jamie just gives so much to this center and this community, it makes it a pleasure to volunteer there,” said Lori. “If anyone out there is interested in joining us, call the Center — it’s for everybody, not just seniors!  And come for lunch, it’s fantastic food!”

Director’s Corner December 2022

Happy Holidays!  Christmas is right around the corner, and the La Pine Activity Center couldn’t be busier with tons of December activities for our community!
Our first Winter Traditions Craft Bazaar held November 25-27 at the La Pine Parks and Recreation building went very well!  One of our center volunteers, Amy Hill, who owns Hillstead Farms  in La Pine, put together all the decorations and did an outstanding job!
We had a total of 51 vendors from as far away as Portland! One of these, Outta My Gourd, actually became Center volunteers, helping to set up and take down after the event!
A BIG thank you goes out to  Lori and Jerry Scott, Janice Delzer, and Dave Ott, who were indispensable to us with all they did.  
I estimated that the first day of the event we easily saw 400 to 500 people stop by; in fact, some vendors paid for their booth rental in the first hour!  
Newport Avenue Market in Bend bought $5800 worth of sugar-free jams, taffy and other products from vendor  Outta My Gourd, an amazing day for this vendor.
The Winter Traditions Craft Bazaar saw quite a few new vendors, too, some from the valley, Klamath Falls, and lots of Rhubarb Festival repeats. There was Purple Door Creations from Gilchrist,  Betty Summers floral arrangements had two booths, and had the best  showing at any festival she’s ever done.  Deer Wood Designs from Portland had five or six tables and did very well.  Natalie Blair from Cup-N-Cake Creations by Natalie, a cottage home bakery right here in La Pine,  provided cake pops, cocoa bombs and other fresh treats.
As a result of this festival, we have over 200 vendors on our list now for future events!
In other news, Jenny Pedersen, Community Librarian with the Deschutes Public Library, will be starting free sessions to help people with their legal questions at the La Pine Activity Center on the first Thursday of the month from 10-noonish (while Thrive is there or longer if needed). She will be starting this in either January or February, 2023.
A big THANK YOU goes out to Stu Martinez, who is going to be sponsoring a free veterans lunch once a month from January to March in 2023.  We are excited to be able to have these free lunches to show our appreciation for our location veterans.
That’s all for now – have a wonderful holiday season and see you in 2023!

Sportsmen’s Show

September 10th and 11th at the La Pine Activity Center

Breakfast: Biscuits and Gravy

Lunch: Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Cold Drinks

Come Support Your Local Vendors

Show Hours
Saturday 9am -4 pm
Sunday 9am -3 pm
$5 Per day ) For the gun Show only ) Children under 12 are FREE with paid adult.

●Modern ●Optics ● Antique ● Ammo ● Military
● Gun Parts ● Reloading
● Knives & More !

● 8 foot table $60 ● 10 foot table $70 ( all must be paid in advance )

20X20 area $45 ( no security)

Friday 11am -2 pm
Saturday 7 am -9
Sunday 7:30 am -9

Kitchen will be serving breakfast (8 am -10 ) and Lunch ( 10:30 am- 1:30)

Click for Flyer

Membership Benefits

Explore The Many Fun Activities We Offer:

  • Bingo two times a week
  • Quilt club
  • Try your luck at bridge, cribbage and pinochle
  • Discover your artistic side at paint night
  • Picnics
  • Group outings
  • Enjoy lunch together Tuesday thru Thursday at 11:30. Only $5 for those under 60 and a suggested $4 donation for 60 and over.
  • Get that body moving and healthy:
    • Line dancing
    • Healthy walking
    • Body Groove (easy dance exercise)
    • Yoga
  • Root beer float socials
  • Group excursions
  • Do a jigsaw puzzle with friends
  • Fireside coffee group
  • Explore your genealogy
  • Feet retreat: foot care
  • Book and jigsaw puzzle exchange

View the Activity Schedule

Annual Membership Fee is Affordable

  • Only $40 per year.    That is only $3.33 per month.
  • Encourage your friends to join. 
  • Membership fees help us keep our doors open.  We do not receive any government funding.
  • No one should miss out on all the fun and fellowship because of financial need. Ask about our free membership thanks to our “Angel Wings” donors. Please consider being a donor.

Sponsorship Details

Benefits of Sponsoring the La Pine Senior Activity Center

  • Ongoing presence at the Senior Center enabling direct interaction:
    • In a group setting where you present on topics of your choosing;
    • An intimate casual one-on-one setting;
    • Vendor table at events targeting your audience;
    • Speaking opportunities at events;
  • Increase brand awareness and present yourselves as the leader in your industry;
  • Educate your prospects about your services;

Position Yourself as a Leader in Our Community

Positioning tagline: “Together Our Community Stands Strong”.  Logo appears on Anchor sponsor plaque in Heritage Room and on large banners during events, branding on promotional material online and print.  

Large banner sign (you provide) predominantly displayed outside at our events:

  • Rhubarb Festival
  • Car Show
  • Gun & Sportsman Show
  • Automotive Swap Meet
  • Quilt Show & Weekend Market

Speaking Opportunities & Direct Interaction

  • Hold presentation/workshop on topics of your choice at our facility. We will promote.
  • Lunch line interaction: greet people in the drive thru lunch line or indoor lunch line and hand out flyers/giveaways. People queue up early and are receptive to conversations while they wait.
  • Table in the lunch room: hand out flyers/giveaways.
  • Host New Coffee Group: you supply coffee and a snack. Can collect donations to offset costs.
  • Ice Cream Social: you supply food and host. Can collect donations to fund offset cost.
  • Bingo: greet players and validate bingo wins. Can hand out flyers/giveaways.
  • Deliver Meals on Wheels to engage our seniors and homebound folks.
  • Co-Emcee at Events when applicable.

Printed Material Opportunities

  • Monthly Newsletter Current distribution ~400.
  • #1 half page ad (half of 8 ½” x 11”)
  • Editorial coverage ½ page (half of 8 1/2 “ x 11”)
  • Meals on Wheels flyer (you provide) reaching #115 people
  • Flyers in our Resource Center, if applicable
  • Logo on promotional flyers for major events
  • Place your business cards on the front desk display

Venue Rental Opportunities

50% discount on facility rental.

Exhibiting Opportunties

Free 10×10 booth, depending on event space.

Online Presence & Promotions

  • Your logo on our website that links to your website.  #1,200 unique visitors per year.
  • We will promote your special events held here on our social media and websites.  #1,464 followers.

Two Business Memberships to the Senior Center

About Our Audience

Audience Demographics


  • #279 members
  • 89% are over the age of 60
  • 61% are female

Activities Open to the Public Attracting People of All Ages

#715 people attending the Senior Center each week:

  • 3x a week Lunch Program: ~420 lunches each week.
  • Bingo 2x a week: ~100 total per week.
  • Exercise: Body Groove, Line Dancing, Yoga: ~65 total per week.
  • Creative: paint night (~ 65 per week), quilt club (~15 per week)
  • Meals on Wheels lunches: ~115 per week.

Community events: #9,700 attendees each year

  • Rhubarb Festival: family event attracting ~ 5,000 attendees
  • Car Show: ~1,750 attendees
  • Swap Meet: ~200 attendees
  • Sportsman Show: ~350 attendees
  • Holiday Meals: Easter Buffet, St Patrick’s Day, St. Valentine Day, etc. ~2,400 attendees

Sponsorship Opportunities

We have several advertising opportunities to fit everyone’s budget and goals. 

  • Three annual packages ranging from $600 – $1,800.  See below.
  • Monthly ad in our newsletter and/or huge TV monitors.

Please select the desired ad(s) you desire. If you want to see back issues of the newsletter, or want pricing on multiple month discounts, call and ask for Jamie or email

Annual Sponsorship Advertising Opportunities


$1,800 per year

  • 2 Business Memberships at the Senior Center
  • Place business cards at the front desk
  • 1/2 page ad in monthly newsletter: 12 months
  • Recognition on promo materials: newsletter, web, social media, etc.
  • Flyers in resource room, if applicable
  • Large banner sign displayed outside during events (you provide)
  • 50% discount on facility rental
  • Website logo links to your website
  • Hand out flyers/giveaways to people in lunch line 1x a month
  • Your ad on the TV’s throughout the Center
  • Note: You are not required to take advantage of all of these offerings


$900 per year

  • 2 Business Memberships at the Senior Center
  • Place business cards at the front desk
  • 1/4 page ad in monthly newsletter: 12 months
  • Hand out flyers/giveaways to people in lunch line – you provide flyer
  • Your ad on the TV’s throughout the Center


$600 per year

  • 2 Business Memberships at the Senior Center
  • Place business cards at the front desk
  • Business page ad in monthly newsletter: 12 months

Need more information to decide?

About Our Audience