Don Greiner, Member

If you’ve noticed the absence of a familiar face at the La Pine Activity Center, it’s because Don Greiner has moved to Chehalis, Washington, into an assisted living facility.
Don originally moved to La Pine because “When I was a child my parents came here to go hunting and fishing nearly every year, and in the early 1960’s my dad purchased 10 acres of land on Dorrance Meadow Road. He later gave 2.5 acres to my sister, 2.5 acres to me, and retained 5 acres for he and my mother. Two of those three parcels are still in my family.”
In 2004 Don moved permanently to La Pine, building a home on the Dorrance Meadow property. “After that I met Audrey and we became partners, but she thought the snow was too much sometimes, so we found a house in Crescent Creek and we lived there for a few years until we moved to Washington to be near my daughter.”
“It became difficult for Audrey to take care of me, so now I’m in an assisted living facility, even though I’m still mobile and able to do most of my own things.“
“I miss the friends I made in La Pine, “says Don. “I worked on the City Council and served there 11 years between being a councilor and on different city committees. And I was active in the running of the La Pine Activity Center by being the person who made sure they conducted business properly, looked at bylaws, and worked bingo every Tuesday for at least four years. I made sure bingo accounts balanced with the state, all the funds were put in the bank every week for both Monday and Tuesday bingo, and more or less helped out with whatever was needed.”
“La Pine is growing fast and I’d like to see it grow in the right way,” says Don. “I miss the people of La Pine terribly and talking to the elected officials in the area because I like to express my opinion. I also miss going to the Activity Center, but you know, I was born in 1930, and I think I grew up in the best times possible.”